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March 29, 2021

The Importance Of Video In Digital Marketing & How To Do It

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With each new year bringing bigger updates and greater modifications to the digital world, new reforms have taken over the digital marketing industry as well. One of the most prominent ones being the use of visual aids in the form of photos, videos, and many more mediums. 


Videos in particular have taken varied forms of interest in the digital world where new additions such as GIFs, live broadcasts, daily stories, and even 360° picturization have allowed account owners to effectively communicate with their target audience and vice versa. 


But what aspect of videos makes them an effective tool in social media marketing strategy? How does one decide which form of video marketing is the best? And ultimately what must be done to achieve the utmost benefits out of this digital marketing trend? Let us begin to unravel these questions with the foundational basics.


The Different Faces of Video Marketing


Videos or videography as a whole is the art of recording moments that either captures a raw experience or helps portray a set of ideas in a cohesive manner. Videos have particularly become a popular form of media as they allow for both visual and auditory conveyance of a notion. In the digital marketing world, videos are mainly subdivided into the theme of interviews, infomercials or commercials, and live videos that take different roles on varied social media platforms as elaborated upon below. 


Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ Youtube Live

When it comes to delivering a real-time experience to viewers, a live broadcast is a perfect way to show your followers and subscribers the raw, unedited, and true business content. On Facebook, your live videos are limited to 90 minutes, 4 hours on Instagram, and up to 12 hours on Youtube with Twitter having no limits to immediate live streaming. These live videos are predicted to account for nearly 13% of total traffic online in 2021.



If you are looking to keep your video content on Instagram for a longer duration than a live video, creating an IGTV channel is the perfect long-term solution. In this manner, users can access this visual information at any time of their choosing and conveniently browse through a company’s business page and learn all about the enterprise’s offerings. IGTV can also be effectively used to manage Instagram ads.


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Regular Posts

Infomercials, commercials, and regular content videos can be created and posted on online platforms to provide a business’ target audience with sophisticated and well-executed content. These types of videos can remain on social media indefinitely and help convey information in a well-curated manner that thoroughly reflects the enterprise’s ideas, products, and services. Interviews with influencers or famous personalities can also be included in this category to help provide a novel form of introducing brand products on the basis of product usage, rating, and experience.


The Trending Aspect

Besides the usual classification of videography that brings forth the expectation of a musical, lyrical, and animated length of production, videos can also be short and concise. These take the form of GIFs wherein highlights of a lengthier piece become a trending aspect in the online community and effectively these clips come to be representative of the brand. 


GIFs have fed into the ‘viral’ phenomenon of social media where users themselves help spread the news about an amusing or particularly hilarious part of a video that is bound to grab more attention online. This particularly helps digitally market products or services of a business automatically better as these GIFs are fueled on popular norms, notions, and trends at a given point in time that make your own brand and its products stand out more. 


What Makes this Tool so Important?


Particularly for digital marketing, the inclusion of videos is a highly beneficial tactic as it helps provide customers with a brief summary of a particular product or service and all the main highlights that make it unique and therefore desirable. They leave a lot of room for creativity given that developers can work on visual, auditory, and even verbal cues to attract maximum attention and retain customers effectively. 


Users are more likely to view a video than read a text that essentially provides the same information as the former feels more indulging and interactive which can, in turn, help build brand trust and establish a more constructive and concrete relationship with consumers. Research also shows that in 2021, 80% of the traffic online will be purely correlated to videos that further provides evidence on the potential of growth it harbors for budding online businesses. 


How to Do it Right?


To get started on video creation, these are basic tools and instruments that are needed to get the show started. These include a good camera, a tripod stand, SD cards, and extra batteries, audio equipment such as microphones and adjoining software, and also a good lighting stand. With the gear ready for use, creating a concept idea alongside a feasible plan of filming the video has to be shaped. 


It is important to note that the video must not only present information on the desired product of promotion aptly but also present the product itself in a fun and exciting manner. This must be performed keeping in mind that the video is ultimately a means of grabbing the viewers’ attention and reeling them in to purchase the offered service. In order to do so, the video must be kept short, concise, witty, and eye-catchy while aligning the product well with its brand. 


Once the filming has been completed, it is equally important to boost the video’s outlook by finetuning, editing, and enhancing aspects of the tape till the desired level of brilliance is achieved. Adding phrases and parts that make the content more relevant to current times and trends can further help gain the much-needed appeal. A digital marketing agency can be of utmost help to curate content with their experience and expertise in a manner that will help your business stand out.


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Bring-in a New Twist


Thinking out of the box is an absolute necessity even when filming videos for digitally advertising your business as fresh and new ideas garner more consumer attention. Reconsidering inbound video strategies or reforming the usual approaches to videotaping – by using different equipment, adding props, combining market trends, etc – can help you bring a new twist to the same old traditional creation process. These novel approaches will help create a buzz about your brand project and give your marketing strategy the boost it needs to successfully launch a new service. 


The Final Takeaway


Be it for introducing your products or services, videography as a means of digital marketing helps capture the true front of your brand identity that is vital for customers to gain a transparent understanding of what you are offering. By overriding static product exposure with motion, your brand can upgrade its marketing strategy and gain maximum benefits on the basis of increased customer engagement. Furthermore, all social media platforms can help build an enhanced online presence and provide a medium to educate, inform, engage and inspire your audience. 


Unsure of how to approach your digital marketing strategy? Take the benefit of our unique social media management services to build an unrivaled online presence that will efficiently place your business on the path to success. Contact us today to learn more.