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February 21, 2021

Can SEO Help Grow Your Small Business?

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Every time we meet with a potential client looking for SEO services, we hear the same concern- “Can SEO really help grow my businesses?”

We understand why companies, especially small businesses have second thoughts when it comes to spending money on SEO activities. In digital marketing, SEO is perhaps the one branch that doesn’t provide immediate results. Whether you already have a functioning website or you need to start from scratch, actual results from SEO activities will take at least 6 months to provide visible results.

So in this blog, we will share six reasons as quoted by our SEO experts on how this digital marketing service can help grow your small business.

What Is SEO Anyway?

SEO or search engine optimization helps business owners create fast, robust, and user-friendly websites that rank high in search engines like Google. Having an optimized and functional website is the first thing your business needs to mark its presence on the internet and bring in qualified leads who could turn into potential customers.

An optimized website also plays a key role in building brand awareness for your business. Studies show that an average user is more likely to trust a website that appears on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs) than brands that do not. So, if you are a small business owner, it is high time that you utilize SEO to build a strong online presence to gain an advantage over your competition and acquire new customers.

Need more reasons? Here is what our SEO experts have to say-

“Your website is your primary source of traffic. Optimize and keep it up-to-date.”

Many businesses fail to understand how important it is to have a functioning website. When a user is looking for a particular service or solution for the first time, they are not particularly brand conscious. An organic search on the internet will bring the results that may simply interest them, provide information, service, or solution to their issue. If your business doesn’t turn up when searched for, it’s your loss.


Can SEO Help Grow Your Small Business?


Getting visibility in an organic search is crucial for your business. Your website has to be in top shape as a component of the buyer funnel, where users visit to complete a conversion or engagement. While all search engines contribute to a brand’s visibility, getting on to the first page of Google SERP is what you must bet your money on. Maintaining a 92.47 percent market share as of January 2021, Google has long dominated the search engine market; which is why its guidelines are important when doing SEO.

When you have a high-quality website that is well maintained with regular optimizations, chances of appearing on the first page of Google SERP are high- thereby increasing your site traffic and consequently, your business.

“Good SEO not only means a high-functioning website but also better user experience”

Every business out there is vying for maximum visibility. With better organic rankings, it’s surely possible. However, SEO is not just about being on the first page of SERP with a technically sound website.

User experience plays a vital role in improving your website’s rankings. When a user visits your website, he or she has certain expectations from it, apart from finding a solution to their problem. A potential customer who visits your website will appreciate user-friendly design, clear and precise content, easily accessible navigation, and quick responses on clicks. The website’s user interface, content, and page loading speed all contribute to a positive user experience. With SEO techniques, you can manage and maintain a lot of these factors.

Customers know what they want before visiting your website. So if they cannot find it in a few clicks, it will constitute a bad user experience. At the same time, Google is effectively interpreting favorable and unfavorable user experiences by monitoring multiple parameters including bounce rate, page views, and load speed.

Hence, it is very important to ensure a positive user experience for your website’s success. With quality SEO, you can now ensure a good user experience and improve your brand’s rankings on the Google SERP, all the while keeping your potential customers satisfied.

“Local SEO should be the HERO of your digital marketing efforts if you are a small business”

Small businesses need a lot of local visibility, especially when they are just taking off. For some brick and mortar ventures like cafes and restaurants, local SEO is a great tactic for better discoverability and business.



Local SEO gained more prominence due to the rise in mobile traffic. Today, mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide. Statistics show that as of the third quarter of 2020, mobile devices generated 50.81 percent of global website traffic. So, it’s safe to say that local searches are here to stay and ensure the success of small and medium-sized businesses.
Local SEO focuses on optimizing your website for a specific vicinity, allowing people to find it quickly and easily during a search. Our SEO experts make this possible by including local citations, backlinks, and local listings relevant to your business location and the kind of service or solution you provide.

For instance, if you own a quaint cafe in Jumeirah, with the help of local SEO, your place of business will come up in the local search of a user looking for a cafe nearby. With an optimized Knowledge Graph panel and Google My Business listing, your brand will receive good engagement, traffic, and visibility.

“Want your brand to have credibility? SEO is the way to go.”

If you want your brand to have trust and credibility, SEO will help you build through your digital properties. Your website can gain authority through quality backlinks, optimized on-page elements and content, and ensuring positive user behavior. However, it is impossible to build credibility overnight. Optimization activities have to be ongoing and should be maintained.

The goal is to keep your website clean, user-friendly, and discoverable in search through continuous SEO activities. As many elements go into building credibility and establishing authority, you need a team of experts to work on your digital assets. Our SEO agency specializes in utilizing the insights gained over the years from working with many businesses over multiple domains.

Ultimately brand credibility depends on the quality and value of the service your business provides. If your business offerings are unmatching, building brand trust and authority will be quick and easy.

“SEO not only helps you keep up with Google updates but also stay on top of web changes”

If you have worked with SEO specialists before to optimize your website and other digital assets and then let it stagnate without ongoing activities, it’s time to pick up the pieces and start over. With Google’s search algorithm getting smarter every second, you need your digital properties to be monitored and managed every day to keep your position on page 1 and stay ahead of the competition.


Search engine optimization


Building your brand organically on the web takes time, effort, and most importantly, consistency. We have seen Google make thousands of algorithm changes every year. If you fall back too much, maintaining your page 1 ranking is next to impossible. By employing our SEO experts who can proactively monitor major algorithm changes, you can keep your website ready for every Google update.

Keeping up with Google is one thing. But your digital assets also need to be ready for the ever-changing web environment. Working with a team who knows to keep your website and other properties performing without glitches will give your brand an edge over your competitors.

“You won’t burn a hole in your pocket with SEO”

Trust us when we say that SEO is relatively cheap. While ads have a role in getting you hot leads and promising customers, your page ranking and organic traffic are what will keep you running for long.

SEO is a long-term strategy that doesn’t cost as much as all other digital marketing activities put together. Making a steady investment towards SEO, monitoring and maintenance will only do your brand good.

Remember the market keeps evolving, and so do the trends. Our experts closely follow these changes and make the right SEO recommendations when the time comes. At the end of the day, you want users to visit your website, have a good user experience and keep coming back till they convert to loyal customers.

What next?

We invite you to talk to our experts. Our SEO agency is committed to serving in your best interest with a pocket-friendly budget. Get your optimization activities up and running at the earliest so that your business is on the top of page 1 as everyone’s go-to brand.