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March 15, 2021

7 Social Media Trends To Watch Out For

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As the year 2021 continues to bring new elements of surprise, the social media realm remains up-to-date to capture all the fresh action with a single click. With the ideology to not only inform but also inspire the audience across all digital media platforms, users are looking to take another step to make their content more appealing and engaging to the wider public. 


Be it in terms of fashion, retail, beauty, sports, or any other realm of expertise, each account owner across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest amongst others is invested in creatively portraying iconic leads of their respective industries. So how can the newest concepts, thoughts as well as news be conveyed across to people around the world in a fulfilling manner? 


The answer lies in the seven most popular emerging trends that are expected to take over social media platforms in 2021. 



1. The Rise of Visual Storytelling


Each post on Social Media for normal and business account owners alike is geared towards sharing an experience or idea that is captivating as well as relatable to the audience. Nothing speaks engagement like visual aids where a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. With the use of visual cues that support your message, you are bound to make your ideas heard across larger numbers in the crowd as your concept becomes much more understandable to the greater audience. 


With the increased integration of GIFs, daily stories, live streaming, and even video inclusion on posts, speaking your mind out loud becomes an achievable aspect via the right social media management strategy. Especially with the onset of the pandemic limiting communication to these platforms, sharing your thoughts and beginning discussions on rising topics of importance can be accomplished more effectively via these visual storytelling tools.



2. Greater Audience Inclusivity 


A shift in trend is expected in terms of language and content on social media where each post is promoting the idea of inclusivity. This is not limited to gender equality, equity in norms, diversity in terms of race, religion, body shapes & sizes, and various other parameters that divide and segregate our society as a whole. 


With the growing awareness of such inequalities existing on social platforms, people are highly invested in creating a space where each user feels like they are a part of a bigger whole. By including this notion in your posts, you can be assured of creating a better content experience for your followers and stay on top of trends that will help keep your account unique.

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3. Keeping Content ‘Real’


In a space where people can assume identities and be a finer version of themselves, staying relevant and relatable is only possible when your content reflects reality at its best. This is made possible via social listening where you are hearing the opinions of your social media audience to determine what they truly want to see. 


And by catering to these specific notions, you are showing your followers authenticity in your brand identity like no other. You can further endorse this idea by using ‘User Generated Content’ wherein you include your follower’s experience to reflect your brand quality that is especially useful for businesses looking to market their products through social media. 



4. Elevated Product Advertising 


With more and more individuals turning to social media to learn about the latest market launches, these sites have become an essential medium for business to advertise their products and services. In the upcoming year, this form of product advertisement is expected to surge further as the platforms are introducing updates to further integrate direct shopping as seen on Instagram


With these additional features being launched and upgraded on social media interfaces, Ads are expected to increase in numbers to help enterprises promote their goods and reach a grander audience. In fact, it is expected that businesses are looking to go virtual and establish a permanent presence online as it proves to attract more interest and provide a sustainable means of product advertisement as mentioned by Facebook



5. A Surge In Direct CTAs


CTAs or ‘Call To Action’ is a feature that allows users to directly access a product or service page that helps ensure optimal customer engagement on digital sites. On social media, in particular, this has taken a new face where the trend is available in the form of a button that can be customized according to the aspect that a business wishes to promote the most. On Facebook, these buttons are available in variations of Sign Up Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Sign Up, Shop Now, etc that can be added onto the company page for clear display and direction. 


As a marketer, you can use this trend to not only introduce product catalogs but also help interested users make their purchases on the app without any further redirection to other web pages outside of the social media handle. According to digital marketing agencies, this makes CTAs a growing primary choice not only for business owners to learn more about their target audience but also for customers who are looking for swift purchases instantly. 


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6. Embracing the New Age of Digitalization 


Just as evolution continues its course in nature, developments in the digital world never cease. With greater advancements made to automate each business sector across industries, digitalization has come to become a larger part of reality even on social media. Especially for enterprises who are looking to stay connected to their customers 24/7, automated replies and chatbots have become a welcomed addition across platforms. 


On Facebook, business centers are adopting this feature to also help promote new content and help interested customers learn more about the services or products being offered. Not only does this help you stay connected to your audience but also helps them stay engaged and updated with the latest promotions, merchandise, and much more. With more updates on the way for these media extensions, this digitalization trend is expected to thrive further in the new year. 



7. Welcoming Virtual and Augmented Reality 


Virtual reality also dubbed as ‘technology of the future is expected to make an entry onto social media platforms through the lens of augmented reality. This umbrella term not only applies to popular filters that have become a signature aspect of apps such as Snapchat and  Instagram but also allowing users to interact with products via games or even viewing influencers and online personalities who play a vital role in the world of marketing.


This does not only help businesses successfully launch their new products and introduce them to consumers across the planet but also helps keep their brand name popular and accessible. Furthermore, loyal customers of the enterprise are bound to stay thoroughly entertained and engaged with their favorite brand while enjoying their quality time on these ever-growing social media platforms. 


These seven blooming trends are assumed to not only bring forth more variety and diversity to the existing features of social media apps and websites but also cement a permanent upward growth graph for these interfaces. Ultimately, this will allow users to experience the best of social media both as consumers as well as content browsers and ensure you have a pleasurable experience online at all times. 


To learn more about what more you can do to enhance customer engagement and experience on your social media handles, get in touch with our social media management agency and transform the face of your online business today. 


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